Freeza SA | Become a vendor
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What we – and hopefully what you – do!

In order to assist retailers in getting involved in this rapidly growing market, we offer a “free on loan” machine (or even multiple machines) to interested parties based on their meeting minimum order quantities – currently 8 bottles per machine per month.


The margins are very attractive for the retailer, with most averaging between 50% and 60% Gross Profit. Please have a read through our most commonly asked questions about becoming a vendor.


We have found demand is very broad based and we typically supply

  • Schools
  • University Campus Canteens
  • Sports Club Canteens
  • Resorts / Game Farms / Tourist Destinations
  • Hotels / Pubs / Restaurants
  • Supermarkets and Convenience stores

You will be trained up to a level that enables you to do first line maintenance of teh machines. You will also have full back up from our workshop and will be provided with the more common spares used.

We supply Italian slush machines specifically calibrated for the SOuth AFrican climate and renowned for their quality and endurance.


We have a centralised administration department where orders, contracts and agreements are processed. All invoicing and collections are done by our Accounting Department.


You will be required to hold stock and will thus need a suitable storage space. Our concentrate does not require refrigeration but does need a dark cool storage area. Shelf life is 6 months.

You will also need to distribute to your clients on a regular and pre agreed basis as well as doing the occasional emergency delivery (no “blue light” convoy required!)

We will supply Point of Sale material including posters, caddies and the like.

Hope this sounds exciting and look forward to meeting with you to take this opportunity further.

  • A comprehensive list of in house sales accessories and price list: PET cups, lids and straws, posters.
  • 1 x Caddy (for carrying cups and Straws) will be branded and supplied with every machine.
  • 2 x A1 Posters supplied to customer on signing contract.
  • All Freeza Machines are branded uniformly by Freeza before the delivery of a Freeza machine.
  • Comprehensive guide to caring for the Freeza Machine
If you are interested in becoming a vendor,
please fill out the form below and we will be in touch with you.